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White River Yacht Club membership drive

is now CLOSED

Stay tuned for future opportunities to join

Interested in Joining the White River Yacht Club?


Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our community. We strongly recommend having visited at least once as a guest of a member, or having been referred by at least one member of the club. Please visit the club for a membership application. All applications require two signatures from Corporate members of the club.

Once your application is submitted, there is a waiting list to gain admittance into the club. The current wait time is approximately 12-24 months. When your name reaches the top 50 positions on the wait list, you will be offered a temporary membership. Temporary membership offers limited benefits and allows you to partake in some club activities.

Once you reach the top of the waiting list, you will be considered for full membership. The process for obtaining full membership includes setting two hearing dates (called readings) with the on-boarding committee. At those meetings you will have the opportunity to discuss your interest in becoming a member, the requirements for payment of member fees, expectations for upholding the values of the WRYC, and maintaining status as a member in good standing. Following the 2nd meeting, our Corporate members will discuss your eligibility and hold a vote. If a two thirds decision of yes is reached, you will be admitted into the club with full membership.

Please contact Membership Chairperson Rick Ward for more details.

People excited to become members. Great turn out for one of the Member Orientation meetings. Awesome presentation and questions about the membership process and what is expected once you become a temporary or full member.

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